Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another night, another show

After four nights and four shows, I feel like I am starting to suffer show overload – and there is still one more night to go. That’s not a reflection on the quality of the performances – they are all superb, and tonight’s show was no exception. It’s a bit like having your favourite food every night of the week – after a few days you feel like you need a break for one night otherwise you start taking the best for granted.

There were more dance presentations in tonight’s show than singers or bands. The dances included a classical Cambodian peacock dance, a vibrant Bollywood dance routine, a traditional drum dance from Vietnam and a very impressive modern adaptation of South Pacific traditional dances by a talented group of 16 dancers and musicians from Fiji.

As all the performers gathered on the stage at the end, they received a standing ovation, and now we hold our breath for the judges to determine the prize-winners which will be announced at a gala closing concert tonight.

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Farah said...

hey there.. im FARAH from india.. we were performing at the AYAF..wat a fantastic experience AYAF was.. we unfortunately couldnt stay back for the closing ceremony.. but i get to hear that India stood 2nd.. we were quite surprised tho.. cause there were some fantabulous performances by various countries.. i had a good time reading thru ur blogs and ur experiences.. i guess u were hving a great time like us.. tho from ur pic i can only udnerstand tat u look familiar to one person from teh fiji group.. but i guess u were somewhere else penning down experiences.. do email me pics of the events if u hv any on