Saturday, December 06, 2008

Public transport Philippines style

Driving through San Mateo (Rizal province) this morning I spotted a tricycle with seven people on it. That's not the most I have seen on one tricycle, but this is the most I have seen when I have had my camera to hand. (I once saw in Vietnam seven people on just a motorcycle).

I wonder if there are supposed to be any regulations about the number of people a tricycle is allowed carry? And if the driver has more than the three passengers that the tricycle is designed for, does he give them a discount if he carries twice that number?

The answers are probably yes and probably no, but this is the Philippines, so I doubt anyone is going to worry about details like that. At least it's an efficient way of moving people around – albeit not quite up to western safety standards for public transport.


Angie said...

makes you wonder what the manufacturer of the vehicle stated as the correct way to use the vehicle. :)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Brian said...

I also have seen six and seven Filipinos, including the driver/rider aboard a bike-and-sidecar, yet I never have a camera at the ready...