Friday, March 05, 2010

The strange logic of Jetstar's change fees

I recently booked a flight with Jetstar from Kuala Lumpur down to Singapore for travel in July. The fare including taxes was a very reasonable MYR95 (about US$27) – can't complain about that.

Today I decided to go down a day earlier and went to check the fares on their website – still the same MYR95 – that's lucky I thought.

I retrieved my booking and changed the flight, but then up popped a change fee – of MYR110.

So if I want to change my flight to the previous day it will cost me MYR110. But if I just forget about the flight I had already booked and do a new booking for the previous day, it will only cost me MYR95.

What is the logic of that?

It's actually encouraging people to abandon existing bookings and buy a new ticket, which would mean I wouldn't turn up the following day and Jetstar would have an empty seat that they could have sold if they had made the change fee a more reasonable price – at least less than the cost of doing a new booking.

I thought budget airlines were supposed to be efficient inventory managers.

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Angie said...

Same applies to Air Asia. Sometimes it cost more to change than to book a new flight esp if there is a promotion happening and you want to change your flights. I also do not understand the logic of that.